Trade Fashion chain Halonen leaves the “commercially declining Helsinki city center” after more than 50 years, Red’s business will also be closed

Another new name appeared on the list of stores leaving Helsinki’s city center on Tuesday.

Already The fashion store Halonen, which has had a store on Pohjoisesplanadi since 1969, will close its stores in the city center and move its operations to large shopping centers in the future.

Halonen justifies the decision on the grounds that “the commerciality of the city center has waned” and that customers have moved to shopping centers. In addition, due to the corona pandemic, the number of tourists has collapsed.

The decision is yet another indication of the trend of recent years that has deserted Helsinki’s city center. In winter, Aleksanterinkatu closed its doors also the clothing store chain Aleksi 13, which has been operating since the 1960s.

“The importance of shopping centers has been emphasized as a place to buy, especially in the fashion store,” Halonen’s press release states.

In the process However, Halonen announced that it would also close its store in the Red shopping center.

The Redi, which opened in Kalasatama in September 2018, has already suffered from problems caused by the pandemic, including its perceived remote location and difficult-to-understand routes.

Recently, the decline in the commercial attractiveness of downtown Helsinki and the plight of stone-foot shops have also been discussed due to Stockmann’s difficulties. Last year, Stockmann had to apply for corporate restructuring, and to reduce its debts put up for sale its department store property in the heart of Helsinki On Aleksanterinkatu.

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