Toxic smoke from an underground fire spreads in the center of Tampere – Danger bulletin urges people to stay indoors

No information is available on the injured. Fire-fighting equipment brought from the airport.

Tampereen there is a fire underground in the center. Palo is at the intersection of Rautatienkatu and Verkatehtaankatu.

There is a sewer renovation site on site and a fire has started under the sewer site. No information is available on the injured. Police have isolated the area.

Firefighter on duty at the Pirkanmaa Rescue Department Mika Kupiainen told Aamulehti shortly after seven o’clock that the fire spreads toxic flue gas and people should leave the scene. Kupiainen says that those living in the surrounding areas should also close the windows and air conditioning.

According to Kupiainen, so far there is no information on the extent of the fire. The fire possibly started with a spark.

Fire a hazard statement has also been issued stating that dangerous smoke is being released into the air and people in the area are advised to stay indoors and wait for the alert to end.

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At half past seven in the evening, there were about 20 rescue units on the scene and firefighting work was underway in the sewer. Fire-fighting equipment has also been brought to the scene from the airport.

Extinguishing work will continue for several more hours, possibly on the Friday side.

The first announcement of the Pirkanmaa Rescue Department about the fire underground came at about half past seven in the evening.

Video shot from the direction of Sorin Square:

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