Tourism This is how the border measures for those entering Finland change: One vaccination for a follow-up test with the threat of a fine, from a few countries to Finland without a certificate

Finland’s new entry model is valid until mid-October. It emphasizes the importance of vaccine certificates as vaccine coverage in Finland’s neighboring countries grows.

Finland’s new the entry model created to combat the coronavirus pandemic will enter into force on 12 July and will be valid until mid-October.

The model attempts to identify potential carriers of the coronavirus already at the border and direct them to tests. Entry requirements depend on the coverage of the arrivals’ vaccine protection, the possible illness, the pre-test or the country from which they arrive in Finland.

The HS goes through how the government entry model works.

People come from countries with a peaceful disease situation and children arrive freely

From now on, you can enter Finland from some countries without separate corona formalities or checks. Such “green” countries are those where the incidence of the disease is below the limit value set by the Finnish government.

The threshold is set by the government in a regulation and can also be varied during the period of validity of the entry model depending on the disease situation and vaccination coverage.

Under the entry into force of the law, the limit was set at ten cases per 100,000 inhabitants, which were described as strict. At the beginning of July, only a handful of European countries were below this threshold. The European Commission has recommended a limit of 50 cases per 100,000.

Border measures also do not apply to children and young people born in 2005 or later.

A certificate is required for arrivals from other countries

If no “green” country is arriving in Finland, the border should be met with an inspection of corona documents organized by the municipality. It requires the passenger to provide proof of corona protection or a pre-arrival test.

These amendments will increase the work of municipalities at borders, and may also cause congestion.

Enter the country with a full vaccination kit or disease certificate

If a traveler presents a certificate of at least two weeks of full vaccination (ie two doses of vaccine for most vaccines) or a certificate of coronary heart disease within six months, he will enter the country.

One vaccine or test certificate will be used for further testing

Access to the country at the border without further action is also possible if the passenger has a certificate of a negative result to a coronavirus test carried out no more than 72 hours before entry or a certificate of a single dose of vaccine.

However, these passengers must still take the new test in Finland no earlier than 72 hours and no later than 120 hours after entry. It is up to the municipalities to organize the tests.

According to the Ministry of Social Affairs and Health, “contacts should be avoided and stayed at home or in the accommodation until a negative result is confirmed”. Failure to take the follow-up test may result in a fine from now on.

Finland is in use electronic Finentry service, through which formalities are recommended to be completed.

Without a certificate, you will face a border test

Those who seek to enter the country without sufficient proof will be subjected to a corona test at the border, followed by another test in 3 to 5 days.

A person who refuses border tests may also face a fine for a health violation.



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