Tourism Research: About one in three Europeans cannot afford a week’s holiday away from home

According to a study by the EU trade union movement, the inequality of holidays has increased.

About 28% of European Union citizens cannot afford to spend a week away from home, according to a study published on Monday.

According to a study by Etuc, a trade union movement in the EU, the proportion of low-income people who do not have money for holidays rises to 59.5%.

Etuc’s investigation was reported by the news agency AFP. The survey is based on Eurostat statistics.

A low-income person is defined as a person whose income is less than 60 percent of the median income. There are 22 million low-income people in the EU, including low-paid workers, pensioners and the unemployed.

Etucin according to, the proportion of low-income people who cannot afford to holiday is highest in Greece. 88.9% of low-income Greeks cannot afford to spend their holidays away from home. Romania accounts for 86.8%, Croatia for 84.7% and Cyprus for 79.2%.

In Finland, the share is 30 percent, which is the lowest in the EU. The situation is almost as good in Sweden.

The study calculated that 7 million Italians, 4.7 million Spaniards, 4.3 million Germans and 3.6 million French people cannot afford a holiday.

According to Etuc, the inequality of holidays among low- and regular-paid workers has increased in sixteen EU countries over the past ten years.



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