Tourism HS compiled corona requirements for Finns in popular destinations in Europe: free travel to Sweden, test required for those going to England under penalty of a fine

Those going on holiday must take into account both the restrictions of the destination country, the restrictions of Finland and the corona situation of the destination.

European the busiest holiday season is approaching. On 17 June, the Finnish Ministry for Foreign Affairs gave up instructions to avoid all unnecessary travel in the EU and Schengen areas.

HS brought together the current restrictions and infection situations in Finns’ favorite travel destinations.


From Finland and other European countries can travel to Estonia without restrictions, as long as the incidence rate in the country of origin is low enough. The limit is less than 150 infections per 100 000 inhabitants in the last two weeks.

The incidence rate in Finland is currently 54.1. It thus does not prevent or complicate travel to Estonia.

Air passengers must complete a digital medical report before arriving in Estonia. It can be filled in 72 hours before entry. The person who completes the report will receive an e-mail confirmation, which must be presented at the border in either printed or digital form.

Those arriving by ship or car in Estonia only require a prior check if they arrive from a country at risk. Finnish cruisers therefore do not have to fill in a digital health form.


Swedish travel restrictions do not apply to the Nordic countries. Finns are therefore free to travel to Sweden.

In the western neighborhood, Finns are not required to have a negative test certificate, vaccination certificate or quarantine upon arrival in the country.

In Sweden, the general corona situation has eased. Today, the country’s incidence rate is even lower than Finland’s. In the last two weeks, about 36 infections per 100,000 inhabitants have been registered in Sweden.


Norway tighten up on Finland travel restrictions from Monday. Until now, Norway has classified almost the whole of Finland as a green area, and Finns have not been required to be quarantined upon arrival in Norway. Kainuu has been the only orange region in Finland.

On Monday, July 12, the epidemic classification of the Helsinki and Uusimaa hospital districts, Päijät-Häme and Kymenlaakso will change from green to orange. Finns traveling from these areas must be quarantined in Norway. Kainuu also remains orange.

Quarantine lasts ten days. Quarantine should be avoided if you have received full vaccine protection against the coronavirus or have suffered from a coronary infection in the last six months. Vaccine protection or illness must be evidenced by an EU digital corona passport.

If you have only received the first dose of the vaccine, but at least three and at most 15 weeks have passed, quarantine may be terminated prematurely. This is the case if a person gets a negative corona test result three days after arriving in Norway. The same possibility to shorten quarantine also applies to all minor passengers.

Finnish tourists the number has increased in Norway during July, leading to congestion at the border. The passenger should be prepared to queue up for hours.

The Kilpisjärvi border crossing is open 24 hours a day. Norwegian police according to the station is busiest from eight in the morning to eight in the evening. It therefore urges passengers to choose another time, if possible.

The infection situation in Norway is currently better than in Finland, but worse than in Sweden. On Sunday, the country’s incidence rate is just over 48.

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Spain removed Finland from the list of risk countries in June. You are free to travel from Finland to Spain, and no quarantine or negative corona test certificate is required.

However, the air passenger must complete a health information form online before the trip from the Spanish Ministry of Health travel pages maintained by. The qr code obtained from the form must be presented at the airport health check.

Travelers to Spain must remember that the local infection situation is one of the worst in Europe. Although soon 60 percent of Spaniards will be vaccinated, the country’s incidence rate is over 330.

Masking is still widely used in Spain. In many areas, the opening hours and number of people in restaurants, bars, shops and cultural facilities are limited.


Italy demands Finnish digital EU passengers corona certificate. The passenger must prove that he or she received his or her last coronary vaccine no later than two weeks ago, has suffered from coronary heart disease in the last six months, or has received a negative corona test within 48 hours prior to travel.

Italy’s own infection situation is good compared to Finland. The incidence rate is a little over 20, ie less than half of Finland’s.


Germany has abandoned internal border controls for arrivals from EU and Schengen countries. No quarantine or reason for entry is required for a Finn traveling to Germany. The exception is people who have visited a risk area in the last ten days.

Guests in the risk area must complete a pre-entry declaration and remain in quarantine. Violations of quarantine can be fined up to 25,000 euros.

From air passengers proof of full vaccine protection, negative coronary test or coronary heart disease is required, regardless of the country they come from.

In Germany, the epidemic is currently well under control. The country’s incidence rate is just over ten.


English classifies Finland as an orange country. This means that England does not recommend traveling to Finland. Correspondingly, it is difficult for Finns to travel to England.

In England, entry requires a negative test prior to travel. In addition, upon arrival in the country, ten days must be quarantined, during which two new corona tests must be taken: the first on the second day and the second on or after the eighth day.

Tests must be booked and paid for in advance. PCR, lamp and antigen tests are accepted in England. If there is no test result, you may be fined £ 500. Tests are also required for vaccinees.

Of the week to reach on Monday, July 19, England will ease travel restrictions between the Orange countries and England. However, this makes it easier for British people traveling primarily to Finland.

The next plan for England is to make it easier for citizens of other countries, such as EU citizens and Americans, to enter.

Britain has good vaccine coverage, but the country has a high incidence rate, up to over 500.

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