Toto75 | Della de Pommereux is a favorite of the Kymi GP

Don Williams trottes on his bravura trip.

Nickname Don Williams (item 7), carrying the “French Bun”, has long been a completely Härmäläinen oat engine, except for his family tree. The stallion finished just over a week ago in Vermo with a handsome solo run that ended in Finland. It’s a long way Johanna Kyläkoski even the care bravado, so HS grabs his line of cuckoo logs from it.

The actual bank is completely French Billie De Montfort (item 3). The world-class goer could very well have been involved in the main event with the first prize of 100,000 euros (Kymi Grand Prix, item 5), but the background forces chose a race limited to the girl horses. Now one can only expect a profit from the millionaire mare.

France will also become Kymi GP’s favorite Delia du Pommereux, whose annoyance is a poor starting track.

Toto75 Round 24 Kouvola, HS’s tip system:

1st output: 3,6,10 (1,2)

2nd output: 4,1,7,5,2 (11,3)

3rd output: 4 (9.5)

4th output: 2,6.5 (7.1)

5th output: 8,3,1,10,7,4,9,5 (2,6)

6th output: 7.4 (8.2)

Output 7: 9 (5.10)

36 euros. Spare horses in brackets. Game time ends on Saturday (June 19) at 3:15 p.m.



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