Tosi-tv | The new season of the Swedish Paradise Hotel series is interrupted due to allegations of harassment, the production season of the Ex on the Beach series is also canceled

Two female participants in a Paradise Hotel accuse a man who participated in the program of sexual harassment. Crimes have been reported.

Popular reality TV series Paradise hotel the new season is coming to an end in Sweden, as the TV company Nent, which presents the series, has decided not to show the episodes for the rest of the season. The Swedish Broadcasting Corporation, among others, reports on the matter SVT.

The program is presented in Sweden through Viafree and Viaplay services. In the past, streaming services decided to remove the entire season from their pages, but now the season is finally buried.

One of the male participants in the program is suspected of sexually harassing two female participants during filming. The women have made criminal reports of the cases and they are under police investigation.

The harassment occurred months ago when the program was filmed at a hotel in Mexico. The man suspected of harassment was removed from the scene just a few days after filming began.

The police in addition, the television company Nent has launched an internal investigation into how the incident was handled during the filming.

Nenti’s CEO Anders Jensen said TV4 channel in an interview that the producer and others present had assessed the first case of harassment as “less serious than it actually was”. The second case only came to the company’s attention when the matter came to light a couple of weeks ago.

The women who experienced the harassment have criticized Nenti and the production company Mastiff for not intervening in the harassment in the past.

Jensen couldn’t say if he would From a paradise hotel no more new seasons in the future.

Swedish broadcaster radio channel interviewed by P3 according to participants from different periods, sexual harassment has occurred in the past and the production company has hidden cases. Of the twenty interviewees, 11 had witnessed or experienced sexual harassment in the descriptions of the Paradise Hotel.

“They told me to stop talking about it because of it [häirintää] is not displayed on or for the TV [puhumiselle] therefore, there is no reason it can be an insult, ”said the 2019 participant Camilla Skalleberg, who said he had experienced harassment.

In Finland Paradise hotel presented by Nelonen and Ruutu. A new season has been described for the series, which will begin in May.

The treatment of participants in reality TV series has also been on display in Finland when Yle said on Monday behind the scenes misconduct. Among other things, participants said they were not offered enough help during mentally difficult filming. Many said they became ill with mental health problems after the descriptions.

Tuesday also announced that the upcoming production season Ex on the Beach series is canceled in Sweden. Director of Communications at Discovery Networks, which presents the series Jessica Lindman said Dagens Nyheterillethat the decision is based on a social debate right now, but not on a single case.

Ex on the Beach Finland The latest production season of the series was shown in Finland at the beginning of the year on the Discovery + live playback service.

Nelonen and Ruutu belong to the same Sanoma Group as Helsingin Sanomat.

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