Topics of the week Topics of the week

1) Measure met!

Thousands people dressed in black stood in straight lines in front of the Parliament House on Thursday, unwavering. They were professionals in the field of culture and events who had come to seek justice from the legislature with the Measure is Full demonstration. A statement signed by 171 community and actors in the event industry was handed over to MPs. The industry has suffered severely from corona restrictions. Although other societies have been opened at the dawn of summer, events are often still so severely restricted that they cannot or should not be organized.

2) Sports festival

Sports weeks ruled by Lions and Owls. The Finnish national hockey team fought for medals at the Latvian World Championships, and the Finnish national football team was nominated for the European Championships starting next Friday. On the hockey side, Finland has become a lasting success, but for football fans, value competitions are a new and wonderful thing. It is a pity, therefore, that the earnestly planned race trip to Copenhagen or St. Petersburg was a dream come true for many due to corona restrictions. Teemu Pukki and the other blue and white will start their game against Denmark next Saturday.

3) Light parties

Multi the schoolboy had to end his school on Saturday with few votes. Usually at this time in schools, students are singing, graduating from vocational school and graduating from primary school. Now the traditional Spring Festival was missed in many schools or celebrated in a reduced form. For example, in the Helsinki Metropolitan Area and Pirkanmaa, only ten indoor and fifty outdoor meetings were allowed. For home parties, the use of masks and staggering visitation times were recommended. Fortunately, there was even nice weather.



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