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1) Light signal

Coronavirus infections the number began to decline in Finland. The total number of cases in the last two weeks was more than 5,700 new infections, which is more than 3,000 less than in the previous two weeks. The need for hospital care also decreased.

It is time to lift the toughest restrictions. The ban on restaurant operations will end, and from Monday, restrictions will be imposed by infectious disease states.

In the worst disease areas, food restaurants must close at 7 pm. The bars will light up at five in the late afternoon.

2) Elections

Yet At the beginning of the year, the government considered it clear that today, 18.4. municipal elections will be held. The estimate changed when THL presented a scenario in which there could be 11,000 coronavirus infections per day at election day. The numbers are now a few hundred.

Parliamentary elections are not municipal elections, and opinion polls do not always turn directly into votes in elections. But if HS-Gallup, which recently branched out in support of the parliamentary elections, had turned into municipal election support, then the winner in today’s election would be the Basic Finns.

3) Vaccines

About the vaccine passport a gate opener has been welcomed not only for travel but also for various events and gatherings. In Denmark, for example, a hairdressing visit requires proof of coronavirus vaccination.

However, unlike in many other countries, in Finland the government plans to limit the vaccination certificate to travel only. The reason is that some legal scholars consider the vaccine passport to put vaccinated and unvaccinated citizens in an unequal position. The solution cannot be for no one to get anywhere.

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