Topics of the week Topics of the week

1) No sinks were required

In Finland, harsh demands for increasing forest sinks were expected when the European Commission published its climate law package.

The surprise is great when the sink target set for Finland was clearly lower than what had been prepared for. It was difficult for forestry lobbyists to cover up their satisfaction.

The package expands emissions trading to transport and heating. Low-income people were promised support to cope with rising heating costs.

2) The flood damage shocked

The high pressure remained above Finland and roasted over 30 degrees. The seawater temperature in the Gulf of Finland was measured at a record 26.6 degrees.

Germany, on the other hand, was locked in low pressure, which made a much worse imprint. On top of the long-lasting rains, record heavy rains still spilled, triggering devastating floods. Heavily flowing floodwaters tore houses, smashed cars and killed people in many cities.

3) Infections would spread

The European Football Championships became like a pan-European virus spinner. Infection rates were on the rise across the continent.

The delta variant of the virus imported from St. Petersburg could not be stopped in Finland either for tracing and quarantine. Some citizens began to avoid trackers, and the virus spread at a brisk pace.

The young people in particular seemed to let go of the caution and celebrate bravely. Restoration of restaurant restrictions began to be considered.



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