Topics of the week Topics of the week

1) Joy to the surface!

The metropolitan area took a big step towards normal life when the area was decided on Thursday to move from a spreading phase to a milder acceleration phase. The decision gave the government a good reason to ease interest rate restrictions in the area, such as restaurant opening hours. Cultural and sporting events will also finally be open to the public.

In addition to alleviating the epidemic situation, decisions made at a rapid pace might have guessed other motives, as dancing, singing, and general merriment were just as appropriately allowed during the municipal elections.

2) Wolf puppies

On Wednesday the news was well heard when the Natural Resources Center (Luke) said the number of wolves had clearly increased. In March, there were an estimated 279–321 wolves in Finland, compared to 216–246 a year earlier. The reason for the growth is that wolves have had very many puppies, especially in western Finland, where there is plenty of food on offer. Luke estimates that there are 57 wolf banners in Finland.

Despite its abundance, the wolf is still listed as very endangered in Finland and must not be hunted.

3) Mosquito rush

Heavy snow winter and warm spring provided downright ideal conditions for mosquito larvae. In the heat of early summer, the larvae have hatched at such a rate that, especially in southern Finland, the air begins to be thick-winged bloodsuckers.

Scientists predict mosquito summer to be exceptionally lively, but also early: the peak of mosquito numbers will probably be experienced even before Midsummer. There are about 40 species of mosquitoes in Finland, of which a dozen absorb human blood.



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