Tokyo The first coronary infection was detected in the Tokyo Olympic Village

The infected person has been removed from the Olympic Village and isolated in a hotel.

Tokyo the first coronavirus infection has been diagnosed in the Olympic Village six days before the start of the Games, organizers say.

Due to the corona pandemic, the Summer Olympics postponed from last summer are scheduled to begin next Friday.

Masa Takaya, representing the organizers of the Olympics, said at a press conference that there has been one person in the Olympic Village who has been revealed at screening to be the first corona case at the Games.

Organizers have not disclosed the identity of the infected person. He has been expelled from the Olympic Village, where thousands of athletes and Olympic officials live during the Games.

“Right now, this person is isolated in a hotel,” Takaya said.

Seiko Hashimoto, chief organizer of the Tokyo Olympics, said the organizers will do everything they can to prevent the spread of the corona.

According to him, the organizers will also make sure they have a plan on how to act if Korona starts spreading during the Games.

News agency According to AFP, the organizers have taken strict measures to prevent coronary infections in the Olympic Village.

In March 2021, the organizers announced that the audience would not be able to attend the competition events from abroad. Just two weeks before the Games, it was decided to close the competition events to Japanese spectators as well.

The organizers of the competition confirmed a week ago on Thursday that the Tokyo Olympics will be held without an audience.

Earlier that day, the city of Tokyo had decided to declare a continuing viral emergency over the Olympics. The city’s emergency is scheduled to end only after mid-August.

Tokyo the organizers of the race are estimated to lose nearly € 700 million in ticket revenue, including the Paralympics, due to the public lockout. The cancellation of the Games would have caused an estimated loss of nearly 14 billion.

The summer competition will be held from July 23 to 8. August. The English motto of the Games is United by Emotion.

The Tokyo Games are the first non-war-canceled Olympics to be canceled or postponed.



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