Today on TV | The documentary follows a paralyzed man’s journey towards euthanasia, and the drama series tells about love overshadowed by AIDS

Anders Lund Madsen sympathizes with Preben Nielsen’s wistful journey towards death in the Danish documentary series about euthanasia, Tuesday I die.

“Hello, Denmark. Today is May 10, 2022. In a week I will die. It means that when you see this show, I’m dead,” says the 54-year-old Dane Preben Nielsen without jewelry in the documentary I die on Tuesday (2022).

It annoys Nielsen that he has to travel to Belgium to get assisted dying, as euthanasia is not allowed in Denmark. He decided to make a program about his euthanasia journey and asked a journalist-comedian-writer-presenter to be the author By Anders Lund Madsenwho is considered a great guy.

The chemistry between the men is one of the strengths of the documentary, because the funny humor lightens up the otherwise sad story. The men, among other things, contemplate suicide, and Madsen sarcastically states that it is difficult to commit suicide discreetly!

Preben Nielsen travels to Belgium to receive euthanasia.

Anders Lund Madsen sympathizes with the sympathetic protagonist of the documentary’s wistful journey towards death and gets to know the cheerful Nielsen and his wife British previously active life. Nielsen’s life is divided into the time before and after the accident.

Three a year earlier on the day that was the Brit wife’s 50th birthday, a fatal accident occurred. At the construction site, a pallet fell from a height onto Nielsen’s neck. The neck was broken, and the man was paralyzed from the neck down.

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Work mate Erling Sass managed to lift the man up so that he could free his neck and according to the advice of the emergency center, gave heart massage. Thanks to the friend’s action, Nielsen received oxygen and avoided a brain injury.

The man lay in a coma for a month. Five months after the accident, it was clear that nothing could be done, but Nielsen promised his wife to try to rehabilitate for another year. A year and a half ago, he made the decision to request active euthanasia in Belgium.

A patient requesting euthanasia must be reasonable and convince both the doctor and the other doctor that it is not a passing feeling. Nielsen dictates his written certificate to the nurse and signs the certificate with a pen in his mouth.

Nielsen used to live an active life.

Folks understand the positive Nielsen selection with reason, but not with emotion. Preben Nielsen doesn’t want to suffer from pain, be unhappy all the time and completely dependent on other people’s help. He describes that he has regressed to the level of a baby sitting in a high chair.

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At the end of the first episode, the date of death is set to be May 17, 2022. In the second episode, the man who was fond of diving gets one more chance at his favorite sport and gets to dive in a giant aquarium with sharks and meets a fellow-destined who has decided to live despite being paralyzed. The third part follows the journey of Nielsen and his family towards Belgium.

At the end of the episodes, we remind you that, just like in Denmark, euthanasia is not allowed in Finland.

The Tuesday I Die documentary series starts on Sunday, June 11. on the Tema & Fem channel at 11:15 p.m.

The beloved drama series is about love overshadowed by AIDS

Rasmus (Adam Pålsson) and Benjamin (Adam Lundgren) surrender to charm and freedom.

Fine a three-part drama series Don’t wipe away tears with your bare hands (Torka aldrig tårar utan handskar, 2012) is shown as a remake from a decade ago.

of Jonas Gardell the scripted series has elements from the author’s own life as well. In Finland, Gardell is also known as Finno-Swedish by Mark Levengood as a former spouse. A married couple is Anna magazine included in the separation.

The story takes place in 1980s Stockholm, where 19-year-old Rasmus (Adam Pålsson) move from a small town. He feels that life is really starting now.

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Paul, who is openly gay, takes the young newcomer under his wing (excellent Simon J. Berger), who reveals to another young man, Jehovah’s Witness Benjamin (Adam Lundgren), of this true identity. Young men timidly surrender to love.

There are rumors of a deadly disease in gay circles, but AIDS is still not well known. However, the first pictures to be released reveal how Rasmus will be in the end. The series’ name is a comment on the young nurse who wipes Rasmus’ tears without protective gloves.

The beautiful description captures the time period credibly. The script creates an engaging, emotional story and believable characters.

The touching series appeals to the emotions in many ways.

The pain of hiding their homosexuality extends to their families: mothers wonder why they don’t know their sons anymore. The young men live in Stockholm rejoicing in their freedom, unaware of the dangers, until death begins to reap the acquaintances around them.

Don’t wipe tears with your bare hands, Sun 11.6. Theme & Fem at 20:45 and streaming service Yle Areena.

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