Thursday knows Why do the European Football Championships often mean the European Football Championships for men?

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Hey Again, readers, this is Thursday! Many have reported their own hit percentage On Saturday’s unwanted records. Sanna Kiertonen the strategy has been to attach a wish piece to current events:

“Even the synths of the 1980s Enola Gay went through a few years ago when it was hoped for on the anniversary of the Hiroshima bombing. ”

Kiertonen also reminds that the program is listened to by younger people than the large age groups mentioned by Torsti.

From time to time, I watch reality TV series about domestic cops, in which a person with a strong drunk is often locked in Maija’s trailer. I don’t think there are seat belts in the room, or at least the cops don’t fasten them. Doesn’t a drunken backpack do badly in a crash situation then?

– Charles Stone

The same attention was made in 2017 by the Deputy Ombudsman for Parliament, who demanded the installation of belts in the transport facilities of police shelters.

Torst is told by the Police Board that seat belts were fitted to less than 20 police vehicles following the Deputy Ombudsman’s decision. The results were not desired, but the trial revealed unwanted safety issues.

Annoyed or resentful police customers could detach the belt themselves, damage the seat belt, or even tear it off completely. The belt could also injure himself or a police car. In addition, the “proper seat” in the rear space made it difficult for reluctant customers to get on board the car, which contributed to increased use of force.

The trial operation was discontinued in the spring of 2020. According to the Police Board, this does not mean that the transport facilities will be without seat belts in the future, but that safe alternatives will be identified. In none of the cases known to the Police Board has the absence of seat belts caused injuries to those deprived of their liberty.

Why don’t gas stations in Finland publish fuel prices in real time online? I can check to see if my mood can be found in the convenience store right now and what it costs, but I’m not looking for the cheapest fuel. Is the only reason for the operation of service stations to make price comparisons more difficult?

– RL

Lollipop car experts are on the same lines with you. Gasoline is the same in every place, so price is probably the most compelling reason to choose one station over another. In this case, the price information is exceptionally worth the money.

Torsti also asked the oil company Neste about the matter. Refueling at the company’s stations can be paid for with the app, but price information is not published for “competitive reasons” other than on petrol tanks and roadside totems.

Admittedly, talented citizens have set up a couple of sites on the Internet where anyone can report their price observations.

There are also several examples in your magazine of how Finland has been said to play in the European Football Final for the first time this year. Why is the participation of the Finnish women’s national football team in the European Championships in 2005, 2009 and 2013 not counted as Finland’s participation in the football championships?

– Satu

First of all: of course, the participation of the women’s national football team in the European Championships is counted as Finland’s participation. Other claims are unfortunate children. History weighs in them. In the patriarchal world order, since its inception, sport has been linked to men and physical rituals as well as the practice of warfare.

In football, the obvious reason is also that the International Football Association (FIFA) was founded in 1904 specifically to host the men’s football finals. The first men’s race was held in 1930, while the first official women’s race was not held until 1991. The men’s race is restricted to men in its rules – this is a nickname in response. Owl fan question.

It could have been otherwise. In the late 19th century, women’s football was popular in the British Isles, and during World War I, when men were forced to the front, even hugely more popular.

After the war, some of the women’s matches drew more audience than the re-launched men’s series games. The English Football Association (FA) frightened this and banned football from women. The ban was justified by the “unsuitability” of women to the species.

The ban lasted for fifty years, until 1971. British women’s football culture faded. Because Britain is the superpower of the game, the crippling effect was passed on to the rest of the world.

Now the back end is caught. Ten years ago, arsenals and Bayernmuns realized how huge the economic potential of the species is. The 2019 World Cup Final was the final breakthrough. A lollipop football expert estimates that women’s soccer is currently the fastest growing sport in the world.

Still, it says a lot that there was international news when the National League was founded in Finland – that is, the highest league level for women, in the name of which no gender is specified.

According to the football expert, emphasizing that this is a men’s competition is a way these days: “Otherwise, someone will always point it out.”

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