They had helium balloons in a truck, they exploded and almost destroyed the vehicle


pickup truck accident

Even the doors ended up disengaged.

Even the doors ended up disengaged.

All the glass and windows of the vehicle exploded with children and a pregnant woman inside.

A stranger accident occurred in the last hours on a highway in Asunción, capital of Paraguaywhich injured several members of a family who were traveling in a vehicle with balloons that were apparently inflated with helium.

In the car was a pregnant woman with several children, who suffered injuries from the explosion. The balloons were located in the rear and also caused damage to the vehicle, especially to the glass and windows, since they were all broken.

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Hugo Marín, deputy chief of the 6th Asunción Police Station and who is leading the investigation, indicated that they are in communication with the affected family to clarify the causes of this accident.

Destroyed truck after balloon explosion.

According to the data collected, they were balloons loaded with helium and another type of gas.. These people were participating in a birthday party at a club, when they left they loaded the balloons in the back of the vehicle and they exploded on Mariscal López avenue,” the commissioner told local radio station 1020 AM.

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In addition, Marin added that It is not ruled out that the balloons had been loaded with another type of gas and not heliumsince this gas is one of the safest because it is not flammable or explosive.

The sunroof and windshield were also blown off.

“The vehicle was left with material damage and the tow truck removed the truck before police personnel arrived at the scene. The way in which they exploded is striking, we are trying to talk with the owners of the vehicle to find out more details,” added Marín.

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