Theater The theater performance cleverly turned into a museum in Tampere when the interest rate restrictions canceled the performances: “As a tip for others, you can use”

In a couple of days, Meri-Maija Näykki, the director of Tampere-based Täsmäteatteri, changed the performance Bitch Live (working name) into an exhibition with a few tricks.


From Tampere The director of the theater Meri-Maija Näykin christmas was gloomy. The work that had been going on for months before the new interdisciplinary Bitch Live (job title) show had just run down the sewer with the help of the regional government agency: the pandemic restrictions canceled the premiere planned premiere.

“It was a hard blow. Below was already a change of space from Tampere’s Rollikkahall to the bus station, and there were also large staff shortages in the working group. I was already making circular days myself when the information came on the eve of the eve. It was the black Christmas of my life. I couldn’t be with my family at the Christmas table when I was crying all the time, ”Näykki says.

However, something began to happen in the depths of the gloomy mind. The show was thinking about gyms and museums that might be open. She soon realized that already in Narttu Live’s pre-marketing, there had been talk of a performance that could be toured like a museum.

“It must have been ovulation in the New Year, when everything was clear for a while,” Näykki laughs and says he has pulled the activist webmasters over his torn playmates: “I decided that I would be able to fight this day for a few more days.”

The show ended find out the articles from a lawyer. In the end, the changes to the show were small to make it go from the show. After all, Bitch Live is touring different rooms to watch installations and performances, which means that it is a holistic art experience.

The biggest change came in the number of visitors, which had to be limited in accordance with the interest rate regulations. The space, which has become a pop-up museum, can have 30 guests at a time, and the entry of visitors is staggered.

Another change was the signs received by the installations. They tell you what the work is about, who did it, when and with what techniques.

“That’s how they became visual art,” Näykki smiles.

The exhibition includes a diverse group of artists from different fields of art. During the opening hours of the exhibition, they act as its supervisors and live installations.

Indeed, the cultural sector has seemed a bit unnecessary and urges others to follow suit: “Use! We’ve been making corona-safe events for almost two years, and yet we’re the first to be cut off. ”

It seems with perseverance, the feminist multipurpose arena Bitch Live (working name) still got its opening last weekend.

The exhibition is inspired by the already dug Uros Live.

“It didn’t start from annoyance but from the need to address the issue. When the Uros Live name was released, it was just before Korona hit the fan, meaning that conversation was cut short. I myself still needed to continue the debate about whether we are really ready for the word male to be displayed in human-sized letters on the skyline of our city. ”

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The Bitch Live name was not abandoned, although Uros Live ended up in the scrap yard. Indeed, the text of the name (job title) suggests that names may change frequently in such projects.

“Our two other-generation CEOs are collecting new name suggestions from visitors at the show. The people will decide. ”

Tiina Helliäinen, Vappu Raappana and Jenna Teinilä take a sauna on the topless genuine old benches in Rauhaniemi Folk Spa in Narttu Live’s sauna. The performance is strongly related to last summer’s case at the Rauhaniemi sauna in Tampere, when women were forbidden to take their nipples naked, even though men can do so.

In this second new arena in Tampere, you will find a trough, a restaurant, a hotel, a casino, a sauna and the office of the CEOs, as well as a parking garage. Visitors are allowed to tour these different rooms

“Everything is drawn with feminist translucent light, which means that there is a collapsed glass roof.”

Shirts of feminist legends have, of course, been frozen on the roof of the arena. His shirt has been handed over by the president, among others Tarja Halonen, comedian Krisse Salminen and a feminist Saara Särmä.

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“Human rights activist Javiera Marchant Aedo had already taken his shirt to the flea market, so he was given shorts among the shirts. ”

After the exhibition, the shirts will be sold and the proceeds donated to Ahjola Setlement’s girls’ house and Naistari.

“For me, this is about giving everyone a voice. Our home team consists of women, genders and transmies, as well as a wide variety of bodies. When there are two home teams in that other arena, one is enough for us because we are all playing on the same side. We have a common goal and that is equality. ”

Bitch Live (work name)

What: An interdisciplinary performance by the Tampere-based Täsmäteatteri, which turned into an exhibition. It is carried out in collaboration with the City of Tampere and the feminist activist community Cult Cunth. The project is funded by the Pirkanmaa Fund of the Finnish Cultural Foundation.

Who: The curator of the exhibition is Meri-Maija Näykki, the director of Täsmäteatteri.

Artists of the exhibition: Venla Anttila, Iiris Aholainen, Iira Halttunen, Tiina Helliäinen, Anna Isojärvi, Minna Jaakola, Sini Kallio, Taneli Kemppi, Kanerva Keskinen, Elina Kuunila, Sandra Marins, Ella Numminen, Jeromy Nuuk, Meri-Maija Näykki, Enna Paavilainen, Vappu Arion Raudes, Iida Salokorpi, Wilma Seppälä, Jessica Siljander, Veera Tapanainen, Jenna Teinilä, Tiia Tuovinen, Taru Yli-Panula

Where: In the retail space at the end of Tampere bus station, Vuolteenkatu 4.

When: 28.1. until 5.45pm to 9.30pm. More detailed instructions from here.

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