Theater The main production of the whole theater in the spring was canceled the day before the premiere: the views of the working group crossed, the last rivet was the screen brought to the stage.

According to the director of the theater, Anna Veijalainen, the working group of Jakkupuku had been so badly in crisis that it was no longer worthwhile to perform. According to director Janne Saarakkala, the problems are in the field of power. Now the situation is being clarified by an outside party.

Helsinki The entire theater is canceled just the day before the premiere Janne Saarakkalan directed by a dance theater work Suit.

The presentation talked about civil service and its effects. The purpose was to show the people inside the office uniforms.

On the afternoon of February 18, the play’s director Saarakkala published a black picture on Instagram and said that all performances had been canceled by the theater director’s decision. The second image in the publication showed an empty stage.

“I stare at the wall, feeling the emotions. Sadness, anger, longing. I have never experienced quite the same, ”he wrote.

What is it about? Why was the show canceled? Jacket suit was to be the main production of the spring during the 25th anniversary of the Koko Theater.

One and a half a week later, Saarakkala’s feelings are still unreal.

Director Janne Saarakkala would never have believed that the situation in the theater could go so far as to cancel the entire performance season.

“There is a so-called artistic contradiction in the background, which escalated into one of the staging elements on stage. However, I think this is a cover story, because in such situations it is always a matter of power, who is allowed to show the locker space, ”Saarakkala tells HS by phone.

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He wants to talk about the case because he thinks someone has to comment on it and tell him why the show was canceled. He also believes that a similar escalation of the situation is possible in any work community, in any sector.

As a freelancer the working instructor says that the rehearsals went well despite the urgent schedule, until the mood within the team began to heat up due to aspects related to the staging.

Jacket suit in addition to the director, the working group included performers Miina Turunen and Anna Veijalainenwho is also the director of Koko Theater, musicians Timo Hirvonen and Jussi Lehtonenresponsible for staging and lighting Mikko Hynninen and Costume Designer Paula Koivunen. Veijalainen was also responsible for the choreography of the work.

The theater held several meetings where an attempt was made to get through the escalating situation and it was agreed that everyone would act respectfully towards each other. To the surprise of Saarakkala, however, not everyone got over the situation.

The last rivet was an office screen brought to the stage. Not all members of the working group agreed to perform as long as it remained on stage.

“My way of working is for everyone to have their say. However, as a director, I say one last word and decided that the screen would stay. It complemented the scene, ”says Saarakkala.

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Saarakkala says she experienced pressure, even intimidation, after her decision.

When a member of the working group said that he would leave the performance, the director of the theater, Veijalainen, announced that he would cancel the entire production.

“I never would have thought the situation would go that far. For me, however, it was a matter of principle: we must not bow to pressure, ”says Saarakkala.

“I’ve been in difficult situations before, but this is a completely absurd situation. The main production in the spring will be canceled due to one screen. ”

Without the premiere, the work will not materialize, Saarakkala describes. However, he is also concerned about the bigger issues behind the last-minute cancellation.

“Is it morally right to do this after we’ve all invested so much in the work? Is the purpose of the theater’s activities to produce performances with public support realized here? The performance was good and ready for the audience. What kind of signal does the cancellation of performances give to the theater field, the audience? ”

The jacket suit was meant to depict officialism and show people inside office uniforms.

Saarakkala has taken the matter to the Board of Koko Theater for clarification and an external investigator has been obtained for the situation, which he is happy about.

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Helsingin Sanomat reached Anna Veijalainen, the director of Koko Theater, who confirmed that he had canceled Jacket suit performance season.

“Sometimes it can happen that the views of a working group cross and things just don’t open up in the right direction. We have taken the events into account in work supervision with a professional, ”says Veijalainen.

He says the theater director will never make such a decision on light grounds, as a lot has been invested in the show. He has been in a similar situation a few times before.

“However, it would be better for the situation to be seen on stage. The crisis is also affecting the performance and it is no longer as good as it could have been without the crisis. ”

Because Veijalainen, the theater director, was himself Suitin the performance as an artist, he does not want to open the situation any further.

“I was in the middle of a storm and it would seem unfair to others to say more about the situation. As theater director, I take responsibility for the decision. ”

Canceled the question of the misuse of corona subsidies has also been raised in connection with the proposals. According to Veijalainen, however, they are not related to a single performance.

“Corona subsidies are general cost subsidies to cover the costs of lockouts and restrictions on performance, and are not specific to individual productions,” he says.

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