Theater “Safety interval” and “exposure” are repeated in the news over and over again, but what do they really mean? The Com Theater commissioned explanations of the words of the pandemic period from the author Kreetta Onkel

Kreetta Onkeli wrote “mini-listens” to the Kom Theater about words suitable for the Korona era. Angel and actress Vilma Melasniemi tell how the project got started.

Annulment. For more than a year, it has been, so to speak, the word of the day in theater. The pandemic came, ate performances and isolated spectators in their own homes, safety distance head, to safety exposure. For many, it meant silence.

Crete Angel­

Nasty stuff. Nasty words?

Last autumn, the Com Theater began to consider whether the words used due to the pandemic could be viewed differently. The author came to mind Crete Angel and his children’s and youth book published in 2013 Explanation kit, actor Vilma Melasniemi says.

Melasniemi has always liked and read Onkel’s books Explanation pack to his son out loud.

“We had received a grant from the Otava Foundation for our digital theater project, and I thought that now, now I am using the Kreetta Onkeli card. Crete said he has sometimes been asked Explanation pack adults, but has not yet left. ”

Now left.

The angel wrote – as he still writes – a new novel, and the short story-type explanations seemed a good counterbalance to it.

“The words related to Korona came from Komi, but it started to expand bigger from it,” Onkeli recalls the beginning of the word project.

“I was at the Savonranta writers’ residence for the winter writing for weeks on my own, without a word. Then I meditated on these. ”

Angel wrote the words out loud, and now these explanations are on Komi ‘s website listenable Vilma Melasniemi and colleagues Juho Milonoff and Ella Mettänen interpreted.

For example, bring the first mentioned annulment:

“Cancellation means that what was agreed is not fulfilled. There is nothing remarkable about it. Cancellation belongs to life in the same way as realization, ”Vilma Melasniemi begins reading the text with the recording.

Or safety clearance, Read by Juho Milonoff, it starts like this:

“I will tell you about him for whom the safety gap opened for a time of joy and happiness. He had always envied tents. In the campsites, the distance between the tents is four meters. There must also be a distance provided by humans. He was accurate about his territory. It was not respected. He did not like at all that superficial acquaintances crashed into their necks and interrogated the well-being like their best friends. ”

Each explanation is about three minutes long, and it easily happens that after listening to one, you are forced to listen to the next one and then another one. And one more.

Although silence, which Ella Mettänen reads as follows:

“Sound is movement. Rumble, rattle, creaking and banging. Silence is stopping, looking at it, where are we going? ”

Savossa more explanations created in the isolations of the corona winter are now promised, Onkeli says. Among other things regional state Administrative Agency and association of municipalities receive a report. The words are compiled into an audiobook, the distribution of which has just been agreed with Audiomaa publishing company.

But where do the word explanations come from, can it be explained?

“I guess they mostly stem from such their own philosophy of life. Man is also such that he has a habit of reasoning and explaining a situation as a situation to himself. It is part of human adaptability. ”

Adaptability has really been needed for just over the last year, but there has been nothing very euphoric about the Commission, for example. It is heard from Vilma Melasniemi’s voice when asked.

Vilma Melasniemi­

“It’s been quite distressing.”

Coming to the premiere last spring Boy was allowed to be presented in the spring for a while and in the fall again to small audiences. This spring’s premiere Runar and Kyllikki instead, it had to be canceled a week before the premiere.

“After all, this is horrible and pretty awful – because our job is just a violation of social distance. Bringing emotion close, stepping into the realm of people. ”

And the Commission has always been a community, Melasniemi says. My group. Unlike freelance actors.

“Some change fields, or at least professional self-esteem is put to the test. Or you will have to be unemployed for a long time because theater programming has been blocked for many years. ”

Melasniemi says that he also thinks especially of young people.

“Those who should learn that physical teams and belonging is a positive thing and a force.”

I was angry the words written and presented by the Komi do not have to be listened to for a long time when one becomes very aware of how great comfort is another person’s voice.

The lyrics come to life as the actor begins, forming like a small space around the listener’s head. The angel himself says he was a little surprised by it.

“It’s exciting what kind of charge an actor gets to them, a huge intensity, even if the lyrics are so simplistic. I was just like, oh, have I written these, ”Angel says with a laugh.

One of Melasniemi’s text favorites was resource.

“There had been such a sentence at the end that taking an overtime didn’t require an apartment but a teleport.”

However, teleportation was cumbersome throughout the text and was removed.

“It was black fine, the text reflects how much resources we have. And if we give mercy to ourselves, we will find those resources. ”

When Melasniemi mentions grace, one can imagine the Angel on his side nodding.

Namely, he said in his own interview section:

“I’ve been trying to bring these texts kind of leniency neighbors and towards oneself. Because life is so complicated that you can’t live this to the end if you are not flexible to yourself. ”

Corona words can be listened to on Spotify or Komi website.

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