Theater Review Martti Lemmalo and Mika Nuojua are great as usual – but there is no suction in Beckett’s play classic, which is common to three theaters

The co-production of the three theaters has great Actors, but the direction needs compaction and precision.


Tomorrow he will come. Premiere of the co-production of Turku City Theater, Espoo City Theater and Tampere Theater on the main stage of Turku City Theater on 24 November. Translation of Samuel Beckett’s play Reita Lounatvuori, direction Pentti Kotkaniemi, staging and costumes Jani Uljas, lights Jari Sipilä, voice Tommi Koskinen, camouflage Kaija Heijari. In the roles Martti favoralo, Mika Nuojua, Ville Majamaa, Tomi Alatalo. ★★★

Samuel Beckettin work Tomorrow he will come has on many occasions been declared the best play written in the 20th century.

And the remarkable enchantment of the cornerstone of this absurd drama has not disappeared anywhere.

Finnish theater has a strong relationship with the play Beckett wrote in 1949 and premiered in Paris in 1953. En Attendant Godot.

The Finnish National Theater was one of the first to perform the play on its new small stage in the autumn of 1954. The work was renamed at that time. Tomorrow he will come. Since then, several new Finnish translations of the play have appeared, in which the original name of the work has been applied in different ways.

Turku City Theater, A new translation has been ordered again for the performance created in collaboration between the Espoo City Theater and the Tampere Theater. Reita Lounatvuoren the translation is based on an English version of Beckett’s own play, directed by the director of the performance Pentti Kotkaniemi considers the original work to be a more succulent text.

The story of the play’s two wanderers standing on the highway awaiting the promised arrival of the enigmatic Mr. Godot has spawned countless interpretations and shelf-meter research literature.

According to one theory, the play primarily reflects Beckett’s experience as a militant in the French resistance movement, who, while waiting for messages, could never be sure of the identity of the messengers.

Turku City Theater the veil of a kind of absurd humor spreads over the fresh realization that premiered on the main stage due to the prevailing corona situation.

When he grabbed the work, the team could hardly even imagine what to expect.

At least the audience has gained a new and thorough experience of what waiting means.

Many times it has been hoped that everything will be over, but the restrictions will be returned again and again.

What an ordinary shoe consumer can no longer trust or believe in here.

In addition, it was mentioned that the new restrictions announced on the afternoon concerned the three areas in which this co-production of the three theaters would be shown in the coming months.

Directed by Pentti Kotkaniemi leaves Beckett’s work to vibrate a bit in every direction, and there’s no real suction in it, despite the great actors.

Performing a traverse duo Martti Rahvalo and Mika Nuojua have worked closely together for nearly twenty years in acting across the country Marie Jonesin double play Stones in your pocket, which is also the control of Kotkaniemi.

As a classically comic duo, Lemmalo and Nuojua are perfectly suited to their roles, but balancing the tragic and the comic remains very stumbling at the level of execution.

Circumstances in force help to see, however, a kind of meta-level that may well be intended by the authors and at least modeled on Beckett’s work.

The wanderers are like two Finnish actors who can no longer sit quietly waiting and don’t really know if they dare to have fun on stage.

Ville Majamaa and Tomi Alatalo depicting a slave whip and his servant walking on the highway, but in spite of their ferocious nature, the men remain faceless.

Beckett’s works are a kind of mathematical equation from which hardly anyone can comprehend anything at all, even though their form is quite logically clear.

The control of Kotkaniemi needs compaction and precision.

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