Theater In collaboration with Riksteatern, Svenska Teatern is realizing Strindberg’s Dream Play

Next autumn, Svenska Teatern and Carl Knif Company will perform August Strindberg’s play Ett drömspel in collaboration with the Swedish Riksteatern.

Svenska Teatern and Carl Knif Company will implement next autumn in collaboration with the Swedish Riksteatern August Strindbergin play That drunk (Dream play). The production premieres on the Amos stage and opens the theater’s fall season. The show will later be toured in Sweden.

Strindbergin A dream play (1902) is considered the forerunner of contemporary theater. Director-choreographer of the work Carl Knif intends to reunite dance and theater in its characteristic way.

“Being human is hard, and it hasn’t been easier in the 120 years that have passed since Strindberg wrote his play. How to best understand life? Why society is unequal, ”Knif describes the themes of the upcoming presentation in a press release.

Performed in the collaborative work Mårten Andersson and Per Burell Riksteaternista, Patrick Henriksen and Dennis Nylund Svenska Teatern as well as Oksana Lommi and Pekka Louhio Carl Knif Companysta.

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