Theater Corona restrictions change the Tampere Theater Summer program and the number of viewers allowed

One of the Theater Summer performances will be canceled completely.

To Pirkanmaa the new meeting restriction will cause changes to the main program of Tampere Theater Summer at the beginning of August.

The theater summer will be held from 2 to 8. August. Due to the deteriorating coronavirus situation, the Regional State Administrative Agency of Western and Inner Finland has imposed a gathering restriction and a safety order in the area as of 5 August.

In the case of theater summer, this means that due to the required safety distance of two meters and the restrictions on gathering, the number of spectators will have to be reduced in some of the main program performances from 5 to 8. between August. In addition, to be held at the Theater Montont of the University of Tampere Familjen Bra –the presentation is canceled.

The Theater Summer release states that the main program already has a limited number of viewers, but the new regulations will further reduce audiences.

“Theater Summer is extremely sorry about the situation, especially at this point when there are only a couple of days left until the event starts. The Board of the Theater Summer has decided that the festival will not be canceled, as the preparations are already so far advanced. The festival will be carried out in accordance with the restrictions and safety recommendations in force, although this means further tightening of the stands and a lot of extra work on 5-8 August. for internal performances ”, Chairman of the Festival Board Reino Bragge says in a press release.

Viewers must it is possible to voluntarily cancel their tickets for major program performances subject to the new restrictions until Monday, August 2 at 5 p.m. More detailed information and instructions on cancellations can be found on the Theater Summer website,

If after this there are more willing spectators than the lower spectator capacities of the performance spaces allow, the spectator seats will be distributed in chronological order: the first to buy and book a ticket in the spring will be given priority, the Theater Summer release says.



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