Theater Andrew Lloyd-Webber vows to open his London theater without restrictions even if he is arrested

Andrew Lloyd-Webber’s new Cinderella show premieres on June 25, and you want to stick to it.

About his musicals a well-known British composer Andrew Lloyd-Webber has vowed to open his show in London completely without restrictions during June – even if he is then arrested.

“We’re going to open, came what came,” Lloyd-Webber says In an interview with The Telegraph.

Lloyd-Webber’s new CinderellaThe premiere of the show is scheduled to take place at the Gillian Lynne Theater on June 25, four days after the earliest possible deregulation. In the UK, too, restrictions currently include precise restrictions on the number of theater audiences.

Britain has rushed ahead of many other countries in giving covid-19 vaccinations. Already three-quarters of the adult population in the country have received their first vaccine.

In May, however, coronavirus infections caused by the Indian variant increased in Britain so rapidlythat the full opening of society planned for June in the country may be in jeopardy.

Prime minister Boris Johnson said in mid-May Britain would work to speed up its vaccination pace so that the removal of restrictions would not have to be delayed. However, it is currently speculated that Johnson intends to postpone the removal of the restrictions for at least two weeks.

Lloyd-Webber however, does not intend to accept the postponement of the lifting of restrictions.

“We say, ‘Come to the theater and arrest us.'”

Lloyd-Webber says her theaters suffer from “acute economic stress” due to limitations. Restrictions have forced him to mortgage his London home and he may also have to sell the venues he owns in central London.

Would be Is Lloyd-Webber really ready to face the consequences of defying restrictions? Minister of Conservatives Robert Jenrickin thinks not: “I’m sure Andrew Lloyd-Webber’s comments have come into being intoxicated for a moment.”

Decisions on the opening of venues and the lifting of restrictions will be taken in the coming days, Jenrick told Sky News.



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