The Vatican talks about the health of Pope Francis after surgery

Press crews in front of the hospital where Pope Francis is being treated

Today, Saturday, the Vatican issued a statement about the health of Pope Francis, after the intestinal surgery he underwent a few days ago.
The Vatican said the Pope was recovering normally and gradually resuming work.
The statement added that the Pope “walked down the hospital corridor and returned to work, alternating with moments of reading.”
The statement said that Pope Francis, 84, “continued to eat regularly and received the prescribed treatment,” adding that the results of his blood tests were satisfactory.
Spokesman Matteo Bruni said the pope “had a quiet day” on Friday.
“Pope Francis, yesterday afternoon, presided over a Mass in the private suite” and dined in the evening with “those who look after His Holiness during the current period of convalescence,” he added.
This is the first time Pope Francis has been hospitalized since he took office in 2013.
And the Vatican announced that “it is expected” tomorrow, Sunday, that Pope Francis will “recit the Angelus from the tenth floor of Gemelli Hospital” in the Italian capital, Rome, where he underwent the surgery.

Source: Reuters



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