The Vatican | Pope Francis has fallen ill again, canceled his program

A Vatican spokesman said the Pope had a fever.

Catholic the supreme spiritual leader of the church, the pope Francis is sick again.

Vatican spokesman Matteo Bruni said on Friday that the Pope has a fever and therefore had to cancel his program in the morning.

As usual, the Vatican has not released his daily schedule.

86 years old there were also concerns about the pope’s health before Easter, when he spent three nights in hospital due to bronchitis. According to the doctors, however, the antibiotic treatment worked quickly, and he recovered in time to lead the Easter ceremonies.

A day before he fell ill, the Spanish-language Telemundo channel published an interview with the Pope, in which he said that his health had improved significantly.

“I can walk now. My knee has healed well. Before, I could barely walk, but now I can again. Some days, like today, are more painful,” he said, based on the script of the interview.

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When asked about his bronchitis, he replied that the doctors, fortunately, caught it in time.

“If we had waited a few more hours, the situation would have been much more serious. But I got out of the hospital in four days,” the Pope said.

Papal however, increased health concerns over the past year have fueled debate over whether he might retire soon rather than serve the rest of his life.

His predecessor, the pope who died in December at the age of 95 Benedict XVIleft his post almost ten years before his death.

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