The United States responds to Maduro that it will maintain its sanctions on Venezuela


Joe Biden and Nicolas Maduro

Joe Biden, President of the United States, and Nicolás Maduro, President of Venezuela.

Joe Biden, President of the United States, and Nicolás Maduro, President of Venezuela.

Washington says concrete steps must first be taken for the ‘return of democracy’.

USA responded to the president of Venezuela, Nicolas Maduror, that it will keep its policy of sanctions against the South American country “intact” until concrete steps are taken for the “return of democracy”.

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“As long as Maduro and his followers continue to repress the Venezuelan people and divert resources to corrupt practices, we will continue to pressure the regime with sanctions,” a State Department spokesman told EFE on Monday.

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Ripe asked last Thursday the president of USAJoe Biden, to lift “all sanctions” applied to Venezuela that, he considered, are “criminal.”

State Department spokesman urged Maduro to sit down with the opposition Unitary Platform to “solve the problems of Venezuela and restore democracy and the rule of law” in the South American country.

“Our sanctions policy on Venezuela remains intact. We will continue to impose sanctions on Venezuela to support a return to democracy,” he said. Maduro indicated that in the last 8 years “imperialism and its weaklings and extremist lackeys stole from Venezuela the amount of 411 million dollars per day”, which he described as “criminal robbery”.

The Biden government has conditioned the relief of sanctions on the agreements that Maduro reaches with the opposition in the talks that are taking place in Mexico City.

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The United States stopped recognizing two weeks ago the interim presidency of the opposition Juan Guaidó in Venezuela, but it does not recognize the Maduro government as legitimate either.


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