The U.S. Senate will hear Trump’s indictment on Monday

Republican leader McConnell worried about the fast schedule.

The United States the senate will be indicted by the ex-president by the chamber of deputies on monday Donald Trumpia against. The matter was reported by the new leader of the Democratic Group in the Senate Chuck Schumer on Friday in Washington, according to news agency Reuters and a television channel CNBC.

Leader of the Senate Republican Group Mitch McConnell was concerned about the tight schedule immediately after Schumer’s announcement. He says Trump doesn’t have enough time to prepare his defense. McConnell has previously backed the charge but suggested the Senate would not take it up until next Thursday.

Congressional House of Representatives accepted Trump’s indictment last Wednesday. The decision came from 232 to 197 when, in addition to Democrat MPs, ten Republicans voted in favor.

The Senate acts as a court in the prosecution, under the supervision of the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court. For the prosecution to go through, 17 Republican senators would have to turn against Trump and all Democrats would stay behind the prosecution.

Trump is accused of inciting rebellion on January 6, when he incited his supporters to attack the congress building at a time when congressional chambers were meeting to approve the result of the presidential election, the president Joe Biden election victory.

Trump is the first – ever U.S. president to be charged twice. He was accused a year ago of abuse of office to blackmail Biden. No Republican backed the charge and it collapsed.

An indictment against the outgoing president is possible and could mean declaring Trump unfit after a separate vote. That way, he could not run in the 2024 presidential election, for example.


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