The takeover of the university | Will the usurpers and President Niinistö meet? Live broadcast from the university around 5 p.m

The takeover of the University of Helsinki continues on Thursday, when hundreds of seminar guests arrive at the banquet hall of the university building.

Helsinki the occupation of the university will continue on Thursday despite the National Defense Course Association’s seminar. The university finally gave the squatters permission to stay in the main building after a long negotiation.

HS will show IS’s live broadcast starting around 5 p.m. from the university’s main building, where the seminar guests will arrive as the students’ demonstration continues.

At the university a seminar of the National Defense Course Association will be held on Thursday from 6 p.m., where the President of the Republic will speak, among others Sauli Niinistö. The university had previously asked the squatters to leave the building because of the seminar.

The occupiers refused to stop the occupation, which has been going on since Tuesday of last week, which is used to oppose the government’s cut measures and the government’s immigration policy.

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On Thursday afternoon, the university gave the protesting students permission to stay in the university’s main building, as long as the 600 guests of the seminar were allowed to go to the ballroom. Fire safety must also be considered and emergency exits must be kept open.

Educational Sciences student Wilhelm Blomberg told HS earlier on Thursday that he was surprised by how many people had arrived for the takeover.

“This sensitizes that there are so many people there.”

Blomberg described the university takeover as “the most important national student movement since the takeovers of the 1960s”.

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