The supplier recommends These shows are worth a look over the weekend – Rampages from Japan, stereotypes faced by women and the struggle for survival

Sumo wrestlers saved the village from fire! The wife’s ghost was revealed to be the neighbor’s lady!

Japanese newsletters tell the hottest beatings and succulent gossip more than a hundred years ago. The woodcuts illustrating the news do not spare drama.

Nishikie Shimbun – The hottest hits and news photos from Japan in the Meiji season 4.4. until at Päivälehti Museum,

Maria Kapajeva: Still image from 10 Ways Not To Become The Invisible Woman After 40, 2020.­

How to stay visible

Get started karate, make male friends and dress up: Maria Kapajeva test the best tricks on the net that women over 40 can avoid becoming invisible.

The exhibition at the Museum of Photography deals with the stereotypes and gender inequalities faced by women through humor.

Maria Kapajeva: When the world blows up, I hope to go dancing 18.4. until the Museum of Photography’s K1 mode, photo art

Anni Laakso: Persefone, 2020, pine.­

Women of myths

In ancient mythologies, the female part was often tragic. Anni Laakso depicts in his sculptures four women of myths who were forced to submit to their destiny.

Surprising references to the winding sculptural art of the Baroque can be found in the twisting branches of Finnish pine.

Anni Laakso: Disobedient 28.3. until Sculptor,

Juhana Moisander: excerpt from the video work Deluge, 2021.­

A moment’s breath

A small rock provides a moment of refuge in the middle of a flood. Then the struggle for survival continues. Juhana Moisander the existentialist video work grows into a metaphor for the human part.

Juhana Moisander: Deluge 28.3. until Hippolyte, The author is a researcher and critic of aesthetics.

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