The supplier recommends See these exhibitions: Book Feeling, Soulfish Soul Life and Rococo Dogs

Half of the November show tour can also be done on the home couch.

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The electric and audiobook lacks the materiality of a good old volume, which is a good or bad thing, depending on the point of view. (Bookcase load capacity: good. Book hipping: poor.)

Saara Ekström and Eero Tammen video work The Bible delves into the essence of the book as a printed product, a repository of information, and an insect treat.

Saara Ekström and Eero Tammi: The Bible 25.4. until Emma,

In the language of the octopus

Tuomas A. Laitinen: Haemocyanin, 2019.­

If it has gone so badly that Koronavilkku has blinked as a result of cultural movements, you have to enjoy art responsibly remotely. Video art works reasonably well virtually.

The KunstTV channel, created in connection with the Stavanger Screen City Biennale, presents a selection online Tuomas A. Laitinen works. Laitinen is interested in the consciousness of non-humans, and KunstTV’s works focus on the complex mind and body of octopuses.

Tuomas A. Laitinen 30.11. until.

Necropolis in the afternoon sun

Sanna Sarva: Jesi’s cemetery in the summer in the middle of the day III, 2020,­

If, on the other hand, you can move around the city freely, you can visit the Hippolyte to experience the stagnant, melancholic atmosphere and modernist architecture of the Italian cemeteries. How do we remember how we grieve?

Sanna Sarva at Hippolyte Studio 22.11. until.

Half dogs on the road

Giovanni Battista Tiepolo: Maecenas presents the liberal arts to Emperor Augustus.­

Italian Giovanni Battista Tiepolon The show is enjoyable in many ways, but you can also entertain yourself by counting the show dogs, a colleague suggested.

Namely, Tiepolo not only recycled the same sets in his paintings and often fell into a certain manner: many paintings show the butt of a greyhound, bringing life and noise to the work appropriately.

Tiepolo – Venice in the North 10.1. until. Correction 21.11.2020 at 4.30 pm: Contrary to what was stated in the text, the Bible cannot be viewed on Vimeo.


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