The supplier recommends Leonard Cohen and John F. Kennedy look straight into the eyes – Going to a photo exhibition with headphones in the ears deepens the enchantment of the images

In the recommendations of the week, the Art Hall’s Tony Vaccaro exhibition has its own music in its ears and a theatrical autumn after the summer.

No It had never occurred to me that an art exhibition could go with headphones on, ears for music. I don’t know why, not everything always comes right away.

Then I heard a whole new song for me, a song from The Divine Comedy The Lady of a Certain Age, and came to mind Tony Vaccaron a photo exhibition that recently opened in the Art Gallery.

I do not know why rose, life now is like that.

From idea to action. I booked time for the show, put on a mask, handsets on my ears, played music from the phone on Spotify’s radio A Lady of a Certain Agesta from.

Tony Vaccaro (b.1922), an American who began filming in World War II, became a successful fashion and celebrity photographer in the United States after the war. His pictures can now be seen in the Art Hall for the first time in Finland: war pictures, pictures taken in Europe after the war, celebrity pictures, fashion pictures, Marimekko pictures.

The music in my ears I toured the halls. And that was perfect. Vaccaro’s glamorous fashion photos of Venice and New York, there Sophia Loren and what, Eartha Kitt Givenchy’s dress a little after Neil Hannon has sung: “From London to New York, Cap Ferrat to Capri, in perfume by Chanel and clothes by Givenchy”.

The next hall from the wall looks first John F. Kennedy and then Leonard Cohen. The song has changed in Eels That Look You Give That Guy: hin: “I want it, looking right at me.”

I notice a fine art critic Harri Mäcklinin was correct in writing that Vaccaro had the ability to record the presence of the subject without posing. I push my mask-covered face close to Cohen, his eyes looking straight at me and no one can see that I smile back.

My test: success. And note, by no means do I push my music choices, these are questions of taste, but I will say that if I go again, I will try to start France Gallin Attends ou va t’en from 1965.

Life is wonderful, that’s the name of Tony Vaccaro’s show, and it’s true too.

Tony Vaccaro: Life is wonderful at the Art Hall until August 8th.

To the theater, to the theater!

Summer is long, but autumn is coming as before, so: to the theater, to the theater! I already have tickets Timo Tuominen Brelnight at KokoTeatter and To docents At the National Theater and the Helsinki City Theater Tatuun and Patuun. Also, I’m going to see at least Normal play In size, Runarin and Kyllikin The Commission, Me, the craftsman In the Q Theater, The word of God In the group theater and Blind point and Hours, weeks, months and and and.

Many of the fall performances now appear to be sold out, but it is hoped that the corona situation and restrictions will ease so that theaters will be able to free up more seats for sale.

Theater autumn in the fall.

Most Helmet bookings from 9 to 16 June. 2021


1. Richard Osman: Thursday’s Murder Club

2. Nina Lykke: Increased risk

3. Pascal Engman: The Rat King

4. Nina Lykke: No, no and once again no

5. Sarah Cantell: Everything smells of snow


1. Irene Vallejo: Papyrus: The Unbroken Story of the Book

2. Nelli Kenttä and Katri Norrlin: Fucking ugly

3. Virpi Salmi: I would rather have a crab star and other female thoughts about the art world

4. Luke Harding: The Russian Spy Network

5. Jukka-Pekka Pietiäinen: Foreign Minister’s alley run: Rudolf Holsti and the scandal in Geneva



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