The supplier recommends Giant painting folded by Katharina Grossen at the Tennis Palace stops thinking about art

On the weekend, it’s worth a visit to see a painting that folds like a waterfall, terrified flowers and surreal sculptures, recommends art critic Timo Valjakka.

Who wouldn’t we stop in front of a mountain, a waterfall or a rainbow? Katharina Grossen The giant painting folded into the arched hall of the Tennis Palace offers all three at the same time and at the same time makes one reflect on the history, making and experience of art.

Katharina Grosse: Chill Seeping from the Walls Gets between Us until January 23, 2022 at the Helsinki Art Museum, Tickets must be booked in advance.

Heikki Marila: Flowers LXXXII, 2021, oil on canvas.

Miasma fumes

Heikki Marila paints flowers, but not those beauties who are given as gifts. The plants in Marila’s handsome paintings are horrified and have lost their petals, and are surrounded by the toxic fumes of the dreaded miasma of the 18th century.

Heikki Marila: Miasma II / Still Life After Rachel Ruysch 15.8. up to Galerie Forsblom,

Aaron Heino: A Natural Feature, 2018, aluminum and paint.

Endless movement

Aaron Heinon surreal sculptures are far from rigid statues. They consist of unexpected combinations of subjects, materials, and colors and appear to be in endless motion, either just emerging and or already disintegrating.

Aaron Heino: Off Topic 12.12. until the Espoo Museum of Modern Art in Emma, ​​

Anna Rokka: She crawl up inside my arms like a Spider, 2021.

Sprained fantasy

Can be hard to catch on to what Anna Rokka carefully take a chase, and it may not even be necessary. The hilarious do-it-yourself aesthetic brings together a mixed collection of everyday materials into a sprawling science fiction that fascinates the mind for a surprisingly long time.

Anna Rokka: She Turned Out and Tuned In 2.7. until Galerie Sculptor,



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