The supplier recommends Animal videos featuring fluffy puppies have become a haven for many, but Docpoint’s Gunda film shows how ugly, disgusting and dirty pig life really is.

Hanna Anonen’s Cocktail shade contains material that is a classic of Finnish design, writes cultural journalist Tero Kartastenpää.

In cinemas, it is not too often possible to watch documentaries that tell of something other than Vesa-Matti from Loir and Finnish forests. Not now, but you can still buy long-distance tickets for the documentary film festival Docpoint.

It’s, of course, a bit like watching the Louvre’s exhibitions on Google: the high-quality execution of the work is left to the buyer’s home technology – a whole-self-experience.

Too bad the best home theaters seem to be the types interested in hearing Death Star explosions In Star Wars, not staring at strangers who speak difficult languages ​​for a couple of hours.

I wipe away tears my nightgown and looked at the offerings of a few docks. It came to my mind all the time that there was great stuff, I wish I was in the movie theater.

Garage People shows garages Russians. The Eastern Neighbor seems to be an endless source for a documentary creator who wants to include grudge, tragedy and comedy. Garage Peoplen types are engaged in Soviet-era courtyards. One has used his life to dig a meter deep cave under his shack. Why? Why not.

Natalia Jefimkina has gotten his film full of stunningly beautiful images of people fiddling in the midst of rugged nature. Life did not give them much, but wood machines can be built from rubbish, for example. You have time to call and drink vodka.

About animal videos has become a safe haven at a time when there is too much audiovisual content and anything can get annoying in innovative ways. Short videos of fluffy puppies connect people to lick in a way that corrects dichotomy Joe Biden just have to dream.

Gunda use the means typical of a documentary to stand out from reality TV or an online image stream. Nature specialist Viktor Kossakovskin in the animal documentary, the image is black and white, the explanations non-existent, and the storytelling partly dependent on the viewer’s flow of thought. The pigs fetch the sow’s breast in constant hunger and stumble on the hay in their first steps.

The soundscape is bright rustling, lottery, and blurry as in online ASMR videos. It starts to strain on longer – like a cat that has been stroked for too long. It’s appropriate: pigs ’lives are ugly, disgusting and dirty, not just heart-collecting material from online videos.

Garage People and Gunda at the Docpoint Festival January 29-February 7

The drink crown contains material that is a classic

Designer Hanna Anonen says that idea Cocktail-shade was created from the colored layers of sparkling drinks. The crown assembled from blocks contains material that is a classic of Finnish design. It is playful and festive. The shade brings back memories of Murano glass wand crowns, and the design is closer to the Italian blasting tradition than scandal fading.

Last year, furniture manufacturer Hakola put a numbered series of fifty pieces on sale. The price is 1,500 euros, so not quite the delight of the living rooms of the whole nation, but the stock of the online store is out. Anonen’s postmodern, colorful design can be explored in Kämp Galleria’s exhibition Dear Diary. It’s like looking at the pastries in a display case.

Hanna Anonen: Dear Diary, Kämp Galleria, 31.1. until.

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