The rich The world’s richest men’s wealth was wiped out with $ 500 billion in a slippery market

More than $ 66 billion left Elon Musk’s computed assets alone. Some of the richest have managed to increase their wealth.

As a stock market rumble also appears in the wallets of the richest people in the world – or at least in the investment portfolio.

The world’s 50 wealthiest people have lost a total of more than half a trillion dollars, or a total of $ 563 billion this year, the news agency reports. Bloombergin billionaire listing.

By comparison, Finland’s gross domestic product (GDP) was about $ 270 billion last year. Sweden’s GDP was almost $ 540 billion.

The development of the wealth of the richest men shows a slippage in the U.S. stock market, which has hit growth companies in the technology sector in particular.

Founder of the richest man in the world, Tesla Elon Muskin deferred assets are now $ 66.5 billion lower than at the beginning of the year. Of the billionaires who have lost the most money, Musk’s assets are estimated at $ 204 billion on paper.

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The founder of the second wealthiest billionaire, Amazon Jeff Bezosin the pot has shrunk from $ 61 billion to $ 131 billion.

The Frenchman on the third billionaire list Bernard Arnault’n assets have left $ 51.8 billion since the beginning of the year. Arnault, CEO and major owner of luxury products LVMH, continues to hold $ 126 billion in assets.

Instead, a major investor Warren Buffett has managed to increase its deferred assets from the beginning of the year by $ 3.3 billion to a total of $ 112 billion.

Perhaps Buffett has followed his own investment advice, one of which is “be afraid when others are greedy and be greedy when others are scared”. Buffett’s investment firm Berkshire Hathaway has made tens of billions of dollars worth of stock purchases over the past few months.

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Indian industrial pohatan Gautam Adanin assets have swelled by as much as $ 27.6 billion to $ 104 billion. An Indian billionaire enriched in the energy sector Mukesh Ambani has also raised an additional $ 5.2 billion since the beginning of the year and holds $ 95.2 billion in assets.

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He is also the founder of Meta, a Facebook owner who owns well-known technology billionaires Mark Zuckerberg lost $ 53.1 billion in the first half of the year and the estimated value of his assets shrank to $ 72.4 billion.

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