The President’s Cup for Jiu Jitsu begins Friday

The first round of the His Highness the President of the State of Jiu-Jitsu Cup will be launched at the Juju Jitsu Arena in the capital Abu Dhabi next Friday and Saturday, and this year’s edition of the most expensive tournament on the local arena is witnessing an important addition, which is the inclusion of women’s competitions within its busy program, in a step that reflects the importance of The increasing role that Emirati women are playing in jujitsu and other various sports.
The championship welcomes the broadest participation of athletes of all weights to compete with the open belt system in the categories of cubs “under 16 years”, juniors “under 18 years” and adults “over 18 years”.
Fahad Ali Al Shamsi, Secretary-General of the Federation said: “The launch of the new season through the first round of the (Mother of the Nation) League and the Cup of His Highness the Vice President of the State fulfilled all its promises in terms of seeing a large number of national talents that are looking to establish their footing in the competition and stand on the platforms Coronation ».
He added: “The representation of women and the strengthening of their role in all sectors have always been of utmost importance to the rational leadership and its vision for the future of this sport, and perhaps the announcement of adding the category of women to the precious cup competitions reflects full confidence in their leadership and pioneering capabilities in promoting the spread of this sport of noble values ​​in the country and abroad, The Federation’s efforts to translate the leadership vision on the ground.
He continued: The President of the UAE Jiu Jitsu Championship contributes to the optimal preparation of players, enhancing their capabilities and readiness to represent the country on the regional and global arenas. We have a crowded agenda of events and tournaments, and all players are keen to appear honorable, to continue progress and achieve achievements, to represent the country within the national team, which is a goal for every player.
He explained the importance of the campaign launched by the federation with the start of the new season under the title “Protect Yourself … Let Your Choice Be Vaccinated”, praising the great response it has in the sports and community milieu, noting that taking the vaccine is the most effective way to combat the virus and restore life to its previous state.
The women’s competitions will be held on the first day of the tournament on Friday, while the next day will witness the holding of men’s competitions amid strict precautionary measures, and in accordance with the health protocol approved to ensure the safety of the participating players.

Source: Al Ittihad – Abu Dhabi


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