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Fernando Kushner he was considered by everyone the guardian angel of stray dogs. He brought food to these poor street creatures every day. And he gave them shelter as best he could, making sure they could live a life worthy of the name. Unfortunately the man passed away too soon, died from Covid-19.

The guardian angel of stray dogs is dead - Curler 11

There Coronavirus pandemic it took millions of people around the world and took away hope from those who survived and now have to deal with a sense of helplessness never experienced before. Many good, honest and kindhearted people sadly didn’t make it.

Among these victims of the COVID-19 there is also Fernando Kushner, a man who in La Paz, the administrative capital of Bolivia, the highest in the world, located on the Andes plateau at more than 3500 m above sea level, was known by all as the guardian angel who took care of dogs without a family every day.

Fernando Kushner has lost his battle against the disease that has been keeping the world on its knees for more than a year. And there is no sign of wanting to leave. Many neighbors, friends, and people who love animals have raised collections to help cover his medical bills.

Fernando Kushner was hospitalized for a long time in intensive care, due to a deterioration in his health condition. But unfortunately the solidarity of many people who wanted to give back to man what he had given to street dogs was not enough.

Ferchy Dogs
The guardian angel of stray dogs is dead - Curler 12

Who was Fernando Kushner, the guardian angel of the stray dogs of La Paz

Since childhood he has always expressed his love for animals, especially those forced to live on the street. And that is why he dedicated his whole life to them, also holding workshops in schools to raise awareness among the little ones.

guardian angel of stray dogs
The guardian angel of stray dogs is dead - Curler 13

His dream was to sterilize and neuter all strays of the Bolivian capital. And he had also created a Foundation, Ferchy Dogs. We hope that today his dream can come true.