The extraordinary G20 summit on Afghanistan begins in Italy

Taliban took power in Afghanistan in August.| Photo: EFE/EPA/STRINGER

The extraordinary G20 summit for Afghanistan, organized by Italy, started on Tuesday (12) with the main objective of sending direct aid to the country’s population, which has been under the control of the Taliban since 15 August.

The conference will also address topics such as the fight against terrorism, freedom of movement within the territory, the situation of local borders, among others.

Since the Taliban came to power, the Asian country has had international funds blocked, preventing access to money provided by multilateral institutions, undermining the liquidity of Afghan banks and causing an increase in the prices of food and essential goods.

UN Secretary General António Guterres said today that the international community needs to find a way to inject liquidity into Afghanistan, in the form of direct investment to people, but with the money not ending up in the hands of the Taliban.

The crisis in the country already affects at least 18 million people, half of the local population, according to data compiled by the United Nations. In addition, UNICEF indicates that 1 million children suffer from malnutrition and are at risk of dying.

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