The emotional reception of the Mexican rescue dog who died in Turkey


Proteus Tribute

The dog is remembered as a strong, hard-working dog that never gave up.

The dog is remembered as a strong, hard-working dog that never gave up.

The German shepherd died while participating in rescue efforts after the quake.

The remains of Proteo, the German shepherd of the Mexican Army who participated in rescue tasks after the earthquake in Turkey and died during a landslide while looking for victims among the rubble this Monday, They arrived in Mexico, where they paid him a heartfelt tribute.

The honors were headed by his colleagues from the National Defense Secretariat. “We bid you farewell, Proteus! The services you provided to the Homeland contribute so that your actions are immortalized, because your Loyalty, Courage and Skill will be framed forever!”, they wrote on Twitter, where they also thanked the dog for the mission accomplished.

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“You were always a strong, hard-working dog, who never gave up. Now I just have to thank you for having brought me, unfortunately you will not be able to get there with me. I will always remember you,” said officer Villeda, who worked with Proteus, in a video broadcast on social networks.

Mexico has sent a team of 130 soldiers and 20 civilians to participate in the rescue efforts. after the powerful earthquakes that shook Turkey and Syria last week. On the other hand, the Foreign Ministry announced that the Mexican government will donate, through the UN, six million dollars to support the rescue efforts in Syria.

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