The Czech President continues to receive treatment in intensive care

Milos Zeman, President of the Czech Republic

Today, Monday, a spokeswoman revealed the health condition of Czech President Milos Zeman, who was hospitalized on Sunday.
A spokeswoman for the hospital where Zeman is being treated said the president was still being treated in an intensive care unit and was in stable condition, while his illness delayed initial steps in post-election talks to form a new government.
Zeman, 77, was taken to hospital on Sunday and is receiving treatment in the highest category of intensive care units due to what the hospital director described as complications related to his chronic illness, but he did not reveal the nature of this disease.
Zeman was due to meet Prime Minister Andrej Babis on Wednesday, but the meeting was canceled on Monday.
Zeman, an ally of Babish, had said before the elections that he would give the first chance to form a government to the leader of the largest single party, according to the election results, and in this case it is Babis’s “Yes” party.
The first official steps that the president is required to take after the elections is to accept the resignation of the outgoing government and appoint a new prime minister, but this can only be implemented after the new parliament is convened and a speaker of parliament is elected. These steps are scheduled within a month of the end of the elections.
Under the constitution, the president’s powers to appoint a prime minister pass to the speaker of parliament if the presidency becomes vacant.
The presidential office had said, earlier, that Zeman was ill and spent eight days in hospital last month.
The presidential office said, at the time, that he did not suffer from any health problems that pose a threat to his life, but he was dehydrated and slightly tired.

Source: AFP


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