The best diamond stuff Sari earns significantly less than her husband, and it is reflected in almost everything in everyday life – readers tell us what it is like to live in a relationship with a big income gap

Sari has to think about buying a new jacket for a long time, but her husband can only spend a ton on electronics on that. HS readers talk about what it’s like to live in a relationship with big income disparities.

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HS asked readers to share their experiences with large income disparities. The survey received more than 700 responses per day.

Elise Mäki

14.4. 7:00 | Updated 17:42

Do you want a good holiday? HS republishes its best reading stuff. This story was originally published in April 2021.

The two of you living standards relationship. In such forties Sari feels alive.

A spouse can buy a ton of electronics from that only when he or she has to think about which month the money will be enough for a new jacket.

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