The best diamond stuff Government interest rate decisions are trained by a group of people who never appear in public – here they are

Every Wednesday, the government’s special political assistants hold a meeting in the room of the Prime Minister’s special assistant Matti Niemi in the Government Palace. From left Matti Niemi (sd), Otto Andersson (r), Ville Hulkkonen (green), Jukka Ihanus (middle) and Dan Koivulaakso (left).

The government of Prime Minister Sanna Marin (sd) has the largest set of political aides in history, probably with more power than any set of government aides in the past. The HS presents the main background factors for corona operations.

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Teemu Luukka HS

14.2. 2:00 | Updated 14:00

Do you want a good holiday? HS republishes its best reading stuff. This story was originally published in February 2021.

Prime minister Sanna Marin (sd), Minister of Family and Basic Services Krista Kiuru (sd), Director of the Department of Health and Welfare (THL) Mika Salminen and Chief of Staff of the Ministry of Social Affairs and Health (STM) Kirsi Varhila.

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