The best diamond stuff Class teacher Jaakko Miettunen figured out how to live cheaply in Helsinki: now he lives in a van all year round and pays less than 100 euros a month to live.

Jaakko Miettunen moved to the car last summer. In this story, he explains why he did so and what everyday life is like.

Jaakko Miettunen moved to live in the car last summer. What exactly is life like when the home is moving, you have to go somewhere in the shower and you have to pick up the mail from a friend?

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Oona Laine HS

14.3. 2:00 | Updated 16:53

Do you want a good holiday? HS republishes its best reading stuff. This story was originally published in March 2021.

Clock is half past ten on Tuesday morning. Helsinki’s Rastila camping site is almost unbreakable until a man walks in. He leaps to the service building.

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