The best diamond stuff Bank investor Seppo Saario: Poor investment is the biggest source of inequality in Finland

If Finns had kept their account assets in a listed index fund for the last twenty years, many of the poor would have prospered, Seppo Saario estimates. But even more Finns have suffered from poor investment regulations for pension assets.

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In 30 years, the interest depositor’s investment of ten tonnes in a two per cent account has grown to EUR 18,100 as a nest egg, but the equity investor’s investment has increased to EUR 229,000, Seppo Saario compares Finland’s development.

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Do you want a good holiday? HS republishes its best reading stuff. This story was originally published in May 2021.

“Olipa fresh thing, ”the investor Seppo Saario said after reading Helsingin Sanomat, the economist Branko Milanovićin new studies. According to them, a new class of the prosperous has emerged in the world, with both good earned income and capital income.

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