The alleged perpetrator of the shooting at the Binomio de Oro concert in Paraguay falls


Shooting at the Binomio concert

The shooting occurred with at least a thousand people at the event.

The shooting occurred with at least a thousand people at the event.

Mario Dener López was identified as the person responsible for the incident where Cristina Vita Aranda died.

A suspect, identified as Mario Dener López, was arrested on Sunday by the authorities of Paraguay for allegedly being involved in a shooting at the concert of the Binomial gold and that ended the life of the model and influencer Cristina Vita Aranda, who was left in the middle of the shooting, and left six other people injured.

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During the operation that led to the capture, “a weapon and cell phones were also seized,” the Prosecutor’s Office mentioned through its Twitter account.

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The terrible event, which shocked the entire country, occurred last Sunday at the José Asunción Flores amphitheater, located in the city of San Bernardino, where a music festival was being held.

Vita Aranda was caught in the crossfire when the shooting occurred at the event she attended with her husband, Iván Torres, a soccer player for Club Olimpia.

In the violent act, a subject also lost his life, who, according to press versions, is allegedly linked to drug trafficking and is considered the target of the attack.

The first investigations indicate that the shooting may be linked to the collection of a debt related to drug trafficking activities, according to local media.


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