The 1×1 of the Cruz Azul players in their 0-1 victory against León

Yesterday, the Cruz Azul machine team played its fourth match of the tournament, entering the Nou Camp field to measure strength against the Panzas Verdes del León. In a game with few goalscoring opportunities, the cement producers beat the Bajío team by the slightest difference, with a solo goal from Uriel Antuna.

Here we present you how the performance of each of the cement players.

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Jesus Corona - Soccer Goalkeeper

The goalkeeper José de Jesús Corona. / Jam Media/GettyImages

Shortly before the end of the first half, he saved Cruz Azul on a stopped ball, taking advantage of his reflexes to send the ball to a corner kick. At the end of the second half, he saved Cruz Azul from a draw after an extraordinary reflex.

John Escobar

The player Juan Escobar. / Hector Vivas/GettyImages

Juan Escobar took good advantage of the bands to cause danger to the rival. It was he who put in the pass for Angulo’s dripping shot, which, in the end, became Antuna’s goal.

Paul Aguilar

The player Pablo Aguilar. / Hector Vivas/GettyImages

The Paraguayan defender was attentive to each of the plays. He fought the balls, swept away, removed the danger from his zone and in moments he dared to go forward with the controlled ball.

Julio Dominguez, Victor Davila

The player Julio Domínguez. / Leopold Smith/GettyImages

The ‘Cata’ made it clear that he is a tough nut to crack and that his experience speaks for itself. He did not eat any feint from the rival forwards who tried to feint him, in addition to removing the danger at every opportunity.

At minute 71 ‘he was late for a play and ended up overwhelming Dávila, for which he was painted yellow.

Manuel Alexander Mayorga

The player Manuel Alejandro Mayorga. / Jam Media/GettyImages

One of the most skilled in the first half, he stole balls and exploited the bands to go up and down at speed. He put pressure on the rival team well, closing spaces and pressing to prevent them from playing.

rafael baca

The player Rafael Baca. / Hector Vivas/GettyImages

In the first half he tried to deceive the referee by letting himself fall inside the area, although the whistler relied on the VAR to continue the game. He was seen accelerated in the game and with little clarity on the field. He was outmatched heads-up against Mosquera.

Victor Davila, Erik Lira

The player Erick Lira. / Leopold Smith/GettyImages

The midfielder was solid in the middle sector of the field. He performed good defensive actions and beat Omar Fernández on a couple of occasions. In the complementary part he was encouraged to shoot from medium distance, although the balls went wide.

William Tesillo, Jose Rivero

Ignacio Rivero in a ball fight. / Jam Media/GettyImages

This was a difficult match for Nacho Rivero. At the moment he was skillful with the ball, although at times he was left on duty and lost hand in hand. In the complementary part, he came alive and managed to surpass Elías Hernández in skill.

carlos rodriguez

The player Carlos Rodriguez. / Jam Media/GettyImages

‘Charly’ Rodríguez continues to show that he is a discreet but reliable player. In this match again he made himself felt by sending effective passes and taking shots from mid-range whenever he had a chance.

Uriel Antuna

Uriel Antuna celebrates a goal with Cruz Azul. / Jam Media/GettyImages

At minute 29′, he stole a ball from Rodríguez and there began the triangulation together with ‘Charly’, Escobar and Angulo, to finally take advantage of a rebound and just push the ball to open the scoring.

Jaine Barreiro, Bryan Angulo

Brayan Angulo in a heads up. / Leopold Smith/GettyImages

He made a mistake on the passes. In the unhooked of Cruz Azul he served very long services, causing opportunities to be lost. He showed little in the game, where the most outstanding thing he did was coverage in the lower part of the field. He came out of exchange for Luis Abram.

Joseph Martinez

The player Jose Martinez. / Agustin Cuevas/GettyImages

Louis Abram (4): He entered at 78′ for Bryan Angulo. He made his debut in Mexican soccer. He had few opportunities and could not shine in his first game in Liga MX.

Jose Martinez (6): He joined 78′ for Carlos Rodríguez. He immediately made himself felt on the pitch by pressing and sending poison serves into the box. In the end he was saved from being awarded a penalty, after a pull on the rival.

Luis Mendoza (n/a): He entered 95′ only to collect the premium.

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