Tennis | Young Musetti, 20, had fun with his tricks, but Heliövaara and Glasspool continued at Wimbledon

The placed Finnish-British pair was completely superior in their opening doubles.


Harri Heliövaara and British Lloyd Glasspool convincingly began their doubles contract at Wimbledon. The duo knocked out a Franco-Italian pair in the first round Hugo GastonLorenzo Musetti 6–3, 6–3, 6–4.

The win, which came directly in three installments, was straightforward. No problems, no worries, but management from start to finish.

“We were pre-favorites and it was made clear that we were playing doubles,” Heliövaara told HS, adding that the goal was one break-in per game.

Good plan, but it could afford to exceed the first set when Musetti lost his pass twice.

Heliövaara played unsettlingly online and was the best player on the field without blue and white glasses. Glasspool was able to hit the last two balls of the match on the field, the latter with the force on the grass, but he needs confidence in future matches – both from the knuckle and the palm of his hand.

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“Selfishly, doing my own thing today was insanely good. I was able to support Lloyd. ”

Heliövaara said that at Glasspool, feed responses vary, but in big games, the response improves and rises to a new level.

Gaston and Musetti were a carefree couple of young men enjoying the field but a little too much. Musetti hit the ball three times between the legs and once behind his back, even in situations where chasing a point would have been wiser for the tournament to continue.

A small crowd liked Musetti’s tricks, but the scoreboard liked the efficiency of Heliövaara and Glasspool online and in their feed shifts.

“They play differently than we do. They have insane skills and make decisions that we don’t even try, like hitting sharp balls across the field, ”Heliövaara analyzes.

“There are both artists and it’s good for tennis that there are players like that.”

Musetti, 20, and Gaston, 21, are big promises for doubles, for whom foursome was a hobby and a minor.

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The ATP rankings of both rank in the top 70, but in terms of their punches and skills, they did not rise above any of the four-game specialists, quite the contrary. And when the tactics remained thin, as did the movement and positioning, the achievements were visible in the end result.

Opponents of the second round of Heliövaara and Glasspool will not survive until after the matches on Thursday, so they will play no earlier than Friday.

Finland single player Emil Rose Mountain will play his second round match in the Netherlands Botic van de Zandschulpia against Thursday as the first match of the day starting at 1 p.m.

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