Tennis | Wimbledon’s white dress code speaks volumes, can cause stress for players during menstruation

Around the Wimbledon tennis tournament, there has been a discussion about the necessity of white uniforms. Especially for female players, it can cause difficulties.

Wimbledon the rules state that players must wear a tennis outfit that is “almost all white”. The instruction also applies to arriving at the field.

White uniforms are a long tradition, but recently there has been a discussion about its impracticality, especially at the initiative of female players.

Many female players find white clothes uncomfortable during menstruation. In May, the Puerto Rican Olympic champion tweeted about it Monica Puig.

According to Puig, the situation really affects playing: white clothes cause stress and anxiety if your period falls right around the competition weeks.

In June British player Heather Watson commented on the matter to the British Broadcasting Corporation for the BBC and stated that the topic arouses a lot of discussion especially around Wimbledon.

Although Watson states that she herself is afraid of bleeding with white clothes, she does not want to change the tradition.

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“I really like this tradition and I don’t want to change it. I just plan my period around the games.”

However, not all players are willing to use birth control pills, which can be used to regulate the start of menstruation.

This week, a Russian born representing Australia Daria Saville shared his experience on the subject On TikTok. The video has collected more than two million views.

On video Saville says she used birth control pills in the past to postpone her period because of the match. She also tells how ten years ago she participated in her first Grand Slam tournament at the Australian Open and her period started in the middle of the game.

Only two toilet visits are allowed during tennis matches. That caused problems for Saville.

“Fortunately, there was a female tennis referee there, so I told her about the situation. I didn’t have any tampons, so the referee had to call the guardian to get them. Then I had to go back to the bathroom.”

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In his video, Saville did not take a position on whether he would like to get rid of the white outfit. Apparently, he feels the problem is less in tennis than in some other sports.

“Fortunately, I’m a tennis player, not a swimmer or a ballet dancer,” Saville concluded.

The white one we are quite strict with the dress code at Wimbledon. Serbia in the men’s final on Sunday Novak Djokovic facing Nick Kyrgios he pointed too against the dress code during the tournament.

On Monday, the Australian player broke the dress code by walking into his fourth round match in bright red shoes and a cap.

After the game, Kyrgios commented on his choice of outfit to the press, saying that he likes his red sneakers and that he does what he wants.

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