Tennis | The game goes on even though he is 97 years old – The world’s oldest tennis player tells in a video what he wants from the future

Leonid Stanislavski considers tennis to be an exercise suitable for all ages.

Few may even live to be 97 years old, but Ukrainian Leonid Stanislavski can still play tennis. Stanislavski is the Guinness World Record holder as the world’s oldest tennis player, says the Guardian magazine.

Stanislavski has been playing tennis at the amateur level for over half a century. It is already difficult to find playmates in his own age group, but he has still actively participated in the European Championships and World Championships for veteran players. In them, he has played himself against the younger ones.

“This is an elegant sport, good exercise and a beautiful game. And you can play it, whatever your age, ”Stanislavski says in a video from Guardian magazine.

Stanislavsky’s goal is to live to be at least a hundred years old, preferably even 110 years old, and to remain active so that the game of tennis is successful.

In addition, he would like to meet a tennis star Roger Federerin.



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