Tennis | The collapse of prize money faded the interest of tennis star players in big tournaments: “I think there will be a lot of omissions”

Rafael Nadal and Dominic Thiem withdrew from the Miami Open Masters Series.

Tennis superstars have recently begun to map the tournament’s major tournaments. Spain announced their last withdrawal from the Masters 1000 Miami Open starting next week. Rafael Nadal and Austria Dominic Thiem.

Nadal is third on the men’s singles world list and Thiem fourth. They are chaired by Canada, which is 12th on the world list Denis Shapovalov, according to which the first star does not make sense to participate in non-grand slam level tournaments because the prize money has decreased significantly during the corona pandemic.

“I think there will be a lot of outings and a lot of players will miss tournaments because the prize money is so low,” Shapovalov estimates.

Nadal has also suffered from injuries recently and back pain hampered Australian open preparations. Thiem’s condition has been pretty thoroughly missing lately. He has played nine matches this year and lost four of them. The loss rate is alarmingly high for the reigning US Open champion.

Miami The total prize pool for the Open in 2019 before the corona pandemic was about 14 million euros and is just over 5.6 million euros this year, so the drop has been quite.

Million-euro prize money sounds great in everyday life outside of sports, but Shapovalov points out that tennis professionals are self-employed, who incur a lot of expenses, such as travel, and whose income depends directly on the amount of prizes.

Shapovalov according to international tournaments, there would be even more omissions if the players ’sponsors didn’t have that much say.

“We have sponsorship obligations, contracts that force us to play,” Shapovalov says.

He makes a wish to the men’s trade union ATP.

“Hopefully the ATP or someone can do something to raise the prize money and restore it,” Shapovalov denies.

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