Tennis | Tennis star Rafael Nadal understands Australians’ boredom with the coronavirus: “He made his own decision”

Nadal had to answer questions about Djokovic.

Spanish Rafael Nadal is currently playing the ATP 250 tournament in Melbourne, which is part of the Australian Open.

Nadal has advanced to the semifinals of the tournament, but much more media interest in Nadal’s opinions Novak Djokovicin expulsion and expulsion from Australia.

Djokvic arrived in Australia, but unvaccinated he is being deported according to the country’s rules.

Nadal told the BBC all around that it was normal for Australians to be frustrated with this. [koronavirus] situation.

“The clearest thing for me is to be vaccinated so you can play in Australia and everywhere else. I think the world has suffered quite a bit from not following the rules, ”Nadal told the BBC.

Nadal told AFP news agency that he has two vaccinations, but he contracted the coronavirus last month.

“He made his own decision and everyone is free to make their own decisions, but they have consequences,” Nadal said, according to AFP.

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“Of course I’m sorry about this situation and somehow I’m sorry for him.”

Nadal and Djokovic both have 20 grand slam victories in their careers and have been tough competitors for about 15 years. The third male player to win 20 grand slams is Switzerland Roger Federer, who is still injured.

Djokovicin the case is about vaccination and his principles have been strong.

“A lot of people have died in the world in two years and I think vaccinations are the only way to get rid of this.”

The coronavirus has also severely bitten the tennis tour. Tournaments were suspended in the summer of 2020 and Wimbledon, among others, was left out of play for the first time since World War II.

In addition, numerous tournaments have been played without an audience or with strict audience restrictions. Prize money has also been cut very significantly in some places.

Australian open former tournament director Paul McNamee said in local media that the denial of the visa was unprecedented and “stinks of politics”.

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McNamee, 67, is a former professional player at number one on the world list of doubles at his best and in his career he won the Australian Championship twice in doubles and Wimbledon twice.

The Australian Open will start on January 17 in Melbourne.

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