Tennis | Tennis star Naomi Osaka broke into tears when asked about the earthquake in Haiti

Questions about the media boycott and the devastation of Haiti were too high for second place on the world list.

Cincinnatin runner-up in the women’s world tournament Naomi Osaka broke into tears in the middle of a media event, news agency Reuters and the British Broadcasting Corporation BBC tell.

Osaka, 23, was shocked by a question from a Cincinnati Enquirer columnist about the Japanese star’s relationship with the media.

In May, Osaka announced that he would not be attending the press conferences of the French Open tennis tournament. He justified his decision on mental health grounds.

The media boycott led to fines and a threat of rejection, and eventually Osaka withdrew from the tournament. He also took a break during the Wimbledon tennis tournament.

The Japanese reporter clarified his question: How does Osaka balance the benefits and non-speaking potential of the media.

Star player agent Stuart Duguid in turn called the questioning journalist a bully.

“He’s an example of why the relationship between players and the media is so fragile right now. Anyone in Zoom can sign that the tone of the question was wrong, and his basic purpose was to intimidate. Really shocking behavior, ”Duguid told Reuters.

When another reporter asked Osaka about preparing for tournaments to be played on hard-bottomed fields, and about his plans to donate his prize money for this week’s tournament to the victims of the Haiti earthquake, Osaka began to wipe away his tears.

After this, the moderator of the video event requested a break, Osaka left the scene and the event was suspended for a moment until Osaka was able to assemble himself.

Osaka, whose father is from Haiti and mother from Japan, said on Sunday With their Twitter account the devastation of the earthquake will hurt him.

“It makes it really painful to see all the devastation that has happened in Haiti and I feel like we can’t really let it be,” he wrote.

“I will be giving all my prize money for this week’s tournament to Haiti’s relief efforts. I know the blood of our ancestors is strong, and we will rise from this. ”

Osaka said under the Tokyo Olympics that he loves the press, but not all press conferences. He returned to the spotlight by lighting the Olympic flame at the opening.

The races themselves went worse. Osaka dropped out of the women’s singles Olympic tournament after her third-round defeat.

A Czech who defeated Osaka Markéta Vondroušová finally made its way all the way to Olympic silver.



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